Wax and Waxes

To each colour a property


Hardly no deformation,discovering this blue wax was real relief! Hardly no deformation, we could cast solid foundry models. The problem could be if correction is needed, this wax is hard and brittle.


Regular microcrystaline casting wax, colored with pigment. Ideal for casting hollow foundry models.


Home made melange of microcrystaline wax + Vaseline (to soften) + collofonium ( to increase stickiness) + coloured pigment. Ideal to create in-gates and vents.


Home made pigmented melange of microcrystaline wax + 10 % Vaseline so that it is soft enough to allow easy cutting and other manipulation. Ideal to pouring cups and feeders


Extremely soft and sticky, this wax allows corrections as small as pin holes in the Foundry wax model. Halas, not not to be purchase any more.

Our distributors:


Microcrystalline, LMP Shell

Wax pigments

Retouche wax


REMET LTD UK, distributed by NEDFORM

Lightfill B559 Blue


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