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Philosophy or "the key of intention"

Jaap Klijnstra declared war against “mediocrity”!

He is obsessed with excellence and promises his customers a rare experience: the joy and satisfaction of a work well done and the mastery to judge it.

The formula is simple: provide passion, acquire the necessary skills from your forefathers, continue to learn on your own, give your craft your best attention and spend the time needed to serve your customers.

Knowledge is power... With the constant study of a myriad of books on the subject of casting, Jaap Klijnstra. is very knowledgeable but also increasingly aware of the necessity for him to write his own treaty as well as meeting a person who would make a claim on his legacy and become his heir. He is determined to put order on his thousands of papers, continue to record his own verifications, experiments and achievements and offer that to the world of libraries, foundries, musea and any technical mind in search of practical knowledge.

The treaty could be titled “Cire Perdue all’Italiana in the NL”, that is, casting in plaster mould, the method he fully supports. “This traditional method, he sustains, deserves to be re-discovered as an excellent way to obtain a perfect cast. I want to empower the casters of course, but also the customers. Too few of them know where to look when it comes to judge the quality of the work done for them. I also want to convey to my customers how much joy there is in doing things well! As a customer, don’t you want to know more about what will happen to the model you bring in? How to spot the possible problems and precisely avoid them? See, if the wax holds imperfections and if I do my job well, the bronze will show them all. So, the more knowledge we share, the more fun we will have along the way. We will be empowered people and not prisoners of blind chance!"

Yes! Foundry Jaap Klijnstra believes in shared knowledge and offers his customers an “Inspection Paper” so that they can truly verify, by themselves, the quality of the cast they ordered...